Adobe Plans To Debut A Free Of Cost Web-Only Version Of Its Photoshop

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Photoshop has really been a master of an invention and we can never give Adobe enough credit for a launch that changed the digital world forever.

Now, the company is testing a free version of its popular program that will be restricted to being a web-only variant.

The company recently unveiled its plans to launch the free-of-cost popular picture editing tool, as first unveiled by The Verge.

We know the firm is busy testing this new program with some of its selected users in Canada but we do hope to see it make its way to the masses soon where wide audiences can better appreciate the gesture.

For the time being, users residing in Canada can take advantage of the calling as long as they are capable of making an Adobe account through which they may gain access to this functionality.

There is yet to be any news on how low it could take before we see the program launch for the rest of us but several media outlets have reached out with their queries.

For decades, we’ve seen Photoshop be hailed as the master of all editors when we talk about picture editing. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the professional took is related to the hefty price tag attached to it.

To put it simply, not too many people are huge fans of using the program because of the license costs and that means you can only imagine what it would be like to have a free version on board.

That’s why we’ve seen plenty of free editing tools gain immense popularity in recent times like Photopea, Canva and Pixlr where casual users come on board to make the best use of their sophisticated offerings.

Adobe hopes that after users make use of the free version, they just might think about purchasing the program as paid subscribers. But again, one can only hope in these testing times of economic uncertainty.

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