YouTube Introduces Snippets And Greenscreen Features In A New Update

The video streaming platform YouTube is a vast one. It comes as a no shocker that they introduce updates to cater to their creators. Its recent update may be a copy of the short video platform TikTok. Since its inception, TikTok has amassed an enormous user base and is in direct competition with YouTube. An increase in TikTok’s usage has also resulted in the rise in demand for short videos!

Earlier this year, the platform introduced the ability to share short videos. In recent updates, they are now including a green screen feature that will allow a creator to use a YouTube video in their background. Accessing the feature is simple and does not require a lengthy procedure, as explained by the platform. A user simply needs to access the green screen feature via the menu that appears after clicking the create option. Unlike TikTok, YouTube is only allowing sixty seconds per short video! The update regarding green screens was introduced back in October. Back then, the feature was already available for TikTok and Instagram platforms. Initially, YouTube only allowed content present in your device’s camera roll to be used as background. Since its release, multiple updates have been introduced, and the green screen feature has been improved. Now a creator can easily use an eligible YouTube video as their background. Do not worry, as the original creator will be given credit through a link available on the screen.

It is uncertain how the creators will be using the green screen feature to produce more content. It is, however, forecasted that there will be an increase in reaction videos. A genre that is already extremely popular on the platform. Many regard it as lazy content making, but the turnover is massive. There is an infinite supply of content that the creator can react to, producing videos at an increased rate and doubling their revenues in comparison to an average creator!

Some predict that the feature may be of some use to brands. They can provide insights into new products, company highlights and much more. Short videos are experiencing a massive demand on the platform, and YouTube itself is paying particular attention to the content creators dedicated to making short videos. The platform is working out ways to monetize the short clips. The algorithm loves creators who pump out short videos alongside the normal ones!

Moreover, the platform is also expanding the clips feature. It is not accessible now, but as per YouTube's official announcement, the feature will be available to content creators in a few months. An official timeline of its rollout has not been shared yet, but the feature seems that it will come in handy!

The features work by enabling the creator to choose a portion of their own video and play it on loop. It can be up to sixty seconds. The same as the shorts on the platform. How does it help a creator? It can be helpful if a particular clip from your video is more likely to cause a user to engage with your video. The feature draws more attention to the video, and a short snippet provides an insight to the viewer regarding the content in the video. For now, a few channels have been given access, and the platform says in the coming weeks, all of them will be provided with the option to enable the clips feature. The feature also comes in handy if you make use of other platforms to drive the audience towards your content. Short snippets can easily be shared through the new update!

The platform is ensuring that its creators prefer YouTube as their first choice to upload content. The new features allow users to market content and share snippets from their daily lives easily!

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