Twitter taking great steps to protect its user privacy; introduces game that lets users understand their privacy settings effortlessly

How many times have you skipped over to the accept button when the privacy settings pop up without giving them a read? Well, if you are a regular internet user then the answer is almost every time. Who wants to read those lengthy and seemingly endless paragraphs explaining privacy policies, half of which goes over one's head.

Twitter understands that most users that carelessly skip the privacy policies of different platforms end up sharing information that they normally wouldn't allow if they knew about it, thus the company came up with an effective solution and that is a redesign of the privacy policy section.

Following the redesign Twitter has made the privacy policy tab relatively easier to understand, thus making its users more aware.

The privacy policy tab now has a much simpler language than before and the company has even added pointers and headings for different sections and subsections of the policy.

You will also find that the privacy policy tab has been divided into three different sections namely 'data collection', 'data sharing' and 'data use', which massively helps clear the clutter and makes going through privacy settings really simple.

While the introduction of a better and more understandable privacy policy section is a commendable move, the social platform has also released a 2D scrolling game that guides users through privacy policies.

Named as the 'Twitter Data Dash', the side scrolling game is like our childhood favorite Mario games, just like a fun side scrolling arcade game users have to go through different stages and they will learn more about privacy settings as they proceed.

Who knew learning about privacy policies will sound so much fun? Well, thanks to Twitter for taking this step since it surely will make more tech giants step in and promote literacy on the topic of privacy.

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