Twitter Gives Developers Access To Its Reverse Chronological Timeline In An Effort To Better Its Third-Party Apps

This week, Twitter gave developers complete access to its reverse-chronological timeline in an effort to better third-party apps.

The new update was a part of Twitter’s unique interface that is solely designed to extract data from Twitter. And we believe the news is definitely a major step in the platform’s journey in terms of providing the company’s developers with a great amount of support.

The feature has been given a unique name in the form of ‘API v2’ and Twitter hopes the new advancement will do wonders at providing users with information relating to both Tweets and Retweets such as those related only to authentic users and which accounts they’re keen on following too.

Hence, wherever the first-party app is up and loaded, these developers will be able to witness it all without having to feel left out in terms of facts or information.

The new change is definitely one that was a long time coming for Twitter because we were all so used to seeing the app extract information through its old API and that came with quite a bit of controversy. Some developers claimed they faced great difficulties when gaining access and that’s why they’re more than happy with the news regarding the update.

A recent nod of approval was seen by Tweetbot whose developers are super intrigued and excited to make use of the new functionality. And we can totally relate as to why. Let’s not forget how Tweetbot is guaranteed to be super responsive to users now, keeping in mind this new offering.

A recent email had been sent out by Tweetbot’s head who spoke about how they can now easily click refresh on timelines much more often than usual. Also, they’ll be allowed to scroll back down further thanks to the feature that enables you to make a great number of requests than usual.

On average, the previously API version allowed users to request for their home timelines at least 15 times in a 15-minute time span. Moreover, you could only get back to 800 or so tweets. The new update, on the other hand, gives you the ability to ask for 180 requests during the same time period. Additionally, you can get your hands on at least 3200 tweets too.

When we look at all of this from a developer’s aspect, things have truly evolved into something that’s much simpler than before. For instance, we no longer have to carry out two separate steps to add any tweet from a timeline as now, it’s at the tips of your fingertips.

But with the new update, Twitter has boldly outlined one very important thing. It’s doing everything in its power to make things work with developers whom they consider to be a major part of its longstanding success.

Before the app focused more on first parties but now, it’s focusing on third-party apps. Similarly, we’re watching the company eliminate any limitations that happen to be a part of the terms and services delineated there.

This used to serve as a major hindrance that made it so hard for third parties to carry out the healthy competition with the app itself. This included putting a major limit on the number of users that anyone app could have.

For now, we know that there is bound to be plenty of skepticism that surrounds developers on how successful this new update will be. After all, you never really know if the company is even committed to making the change or not.

Nevertheless, we do hope that with this new announcement, more and more critics realize the efforts that Twitter appears to be putting into while giving developers more access to various functionalities.

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