Too Much Trust On Tech Can Hurt: Google Maps Led A Group Of Tourists Into A Stream

Google Maps is essential if you are about to travel or choose a route with minor traffic. It seems that no matter how advanced the platform may be, one needs to exercise their own knowledge in certain situations.

If you live under a rock, Google Maps is one of the top platforms for maps and navigation. The web mapping application offers real-time traffic conditions. One can easily input their location before going to work. The app will quickly provide you with a set of the most convenient routes. Your mode of transportation can be on foot, bike, car and air. The app even supports public transit! Since its inception in 2005, Google Maps has amassed millions of active users. Millions of websites use the navigation application to communicate. Given the application's massive amount of followers around the globe, some are bound to trust the application more than they should.

In recent news, a group of tourists followed the directions from the application without questioning and drove through a flooded stream. The incident took place in India and was reported by a local publication that goes by the name of CarToq. The group were using a car to commute to an unfamiliar area and relied on Google Maps for directions. The place they were visiting goes by the name of Kerala, a state located on the southwest coastline of India. The group was en route from Munnar to Alappuzha and used a Toyota SUV to commute. However, they ended up in a location different than they expected. The group, along with their SUV, got stuck in a stream. After the group came across a remote village, Kuruppanthara Kadavu, the incident took place. The application produced directions for the group via a stream. They decided to follow the directions, and as they were approaching the stream, the locals tried to get their attention and warn them. It is reported that the group did notice the locals trying to warn them, but they made the decision to trust Google Maps. Soon after the SUV got stuck in the stream, the situation turned into chaos. Fortunately, the group managed to escape from the car and reach the dry ground without any significant injuries. However, the SUV remained stuck in its place and was later retrieved from the stream when it was pulled out using a truck. The locals decided to install chains in order to prevent any similar accidents in the future.

While it is pretty apparent that GPS platforms like Google Maps are not perfect yet, it is important to take local weather into consideration. Recent rainfalls flooded the stream, and despite the local's warning, the group decided to go through the stream. Similar accidents occurred in the past; however, external factors were also present! It just goes to show that Google Maps should not be trusted blindly with its directions, and external factors should be taken into account.

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