To target ads to specific locations, Meta updated the congressional state data to its location targeting options

According to a blog post published by Meta's Developers, Meta has now allowed the advertisers to make target advertisements based on United State federal legislative districts.

Meta, this week, confirmed that they will be introducing an option of additional geographical targeting as a new feature to the US location targeting option, from where they can add United States’ legislation districts, as defined by the 24th census of the US.

Meta further said that the new feature is going to be accessible from the 19th of May, 2022, and advertisers can see the additional options to target ads to specific geographical locations for the new US legislation districts, according to the 2020 census of the. These options are going to be added to all of the advertisement interfaces (inclusive of the Artificial Intelligence) and also going to be indicated with the 24th census (2020). For instance, if the 5th district of North Carolina is mentioned in the list of geo-targeting, it is to be named “North Carolina’s 5th district-2020-census, the United States”.

This update is just a small modification to a grand project, although it can have a huge impact on those advertisers who want to target their advertisements to some particular geographical locations, on the basis of political announcements.

It was also confirmed by Meta that if any modifications in the congressional districts occur, and as soon as we get the final districts, they are going to be accessible in the ads interfaces. They mentioned that if the congressional map of any state is in litigation at the moment, no new geographical targeting option is going to appear for that particular state, and for the state whose congressional district is simply just inaccessible currently, it is suggested that they should use different geographical targeting alternates like using zip codes, name of the city, and country names.

This way advertisers would also be open to many other alternatives for targeting their advertisements, however, it is better if the states are updated because it gives more precise data for the estimated audience, along with special attention to the electoral zones.

The presently available regional targeting options, following the early 2020 census, are going to stay accessible to all the advertisers till the start of the next year, also the names of the districts will stay the same, along with their boundaries.

Although yes, it isn’t really a big modification, but it brings more awareness about how Meta’s advertisement targeted states of the United State could be better explained, and this might have great worth for the businesses who actually want to target their advertisements on the basis of political influences, their interests, and preferences of the region, etc.

Taking into consideration how Apple’s ATT is prompting to get a hold of a mass data from Meta, it is necessary for all the advertisers to access the required devices and tools needed to increase their advertisement performance. The very latest data about location and population will only help them evaluate the potential influence.

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