TikTok Gears Up For The Launch Of Its LIVE Subscriptions To Help Creators Make More Money

TikTok recently mentioned how keen it was on helping creators get more monetization opportunities through the app. And it now appears they’re staying true to that promise as the company is set up for the launch of its LIVE Subscriptions.

The launch has been confirmed to take place this week with a number of selected creators. And this is proof of how keen the app is in terms of searching for new pathways through which creators can gain benefits.

In case you’re wondering what the new feature is all about, well, it will allow live streamers on TikTok to make revenue with their efforts, simply by sharing their streams with an audience that’s paying for the experience.

The company further elaborated on the functionality, adding how it was just another expansion of their efforts that were designed to best accommodate the various needs of different creators on the platform.

Not only can they increase their revenue streams, but at the same time, they’ll be allowed to see their community grow further. Moreover, this plan would also allow for greater engagement through communities, while providing them a chance to express gratitude to their leading creators.

Those that end up paying a monthly fee are sure to gain access to a wide array of exclusive features that entail a number of highlights.

Firstly, they’ll be allotted Subscriber Badges that are positioned near their name and can even undergo upgrades with time.

In the same way, we’ll be seeing paying subscribers get gain access to a number of great emotes that have been created exclusively for this purpose. These would be allowed for use during the live stream sessions, serving as a great way to unite the whole community.

Lastly, users can benefit from a chat feature that is restricted to subscribers only. And once that’s activated, creators with their subscribers will have unlimited access that links them to each other. Therefore, users can expect a great connection or one that’s deeply rooted on a more personal level between both the content creator and their fans.

If you’re an avid social media user, we bet you’ll be very familiar with this particular live subscription offer because it’s quite similar to the offerings by YouTube and Facebook Stars.

Clearly, we see TikTok setting up its creators for success because this strategy has already worked well in different markets and we’re not seeing this as any major exception.

One of the best examples we have out there is Twitch. With a staggering 27,000 streamers on the platform, creators have been rewarded with great revenue opportunities. While at the start, they were all mostly related to gaming, with time, they turned into a much more diversified mix of other genres too.

Today, it’s a hub that’s called out for featuring different trends, leading topics, and some wonderful interests too.

Live streams are doing quite well in today’s Asian markets. For instance, let’s turn out attention to China. It is a major industry that is worth more than $30 billion. Moreover, it’s super influential that you’ll find people adding caps to the number of donations that can be made.

Moreover, it’s surprising to see how the authorities over there are so concerned about how streaming could end up turning into an entire career. Therefore, with the help of these donation limits, they do hope to exert greater control over the massive growth potential that the market features.

But now, the craze of streaming has entered the western world too and we’re seeing so many nations experience a steady amount of growth in regards to the interest this industry has.

Look at shopping streams on TikTok. You’ll find creators earning millions off the app as more and more audiences are paying to engage and take part in the thrilling experience. But with success like this, it only makes sense as to why the company is so keen on an expansion.

Therefore, we’re all for the new venture called LIVE Subscriptions and we do see why TikTok is heading down the revenue-making direction for creators.

At the moment it’s only going to be available for those with invites during the initial rollout phase. However, the company does have plans of expanding further and making it an available feature for all.

We just need to keep an eye out for that and until then, let’s see how things go with the launch this week.

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