The Number Of Houses Around The World With Smart Devices Is Expected To Rise Further

Homes are definitely getting smarter and we know this all thanks to data collected from Statista Technology whose recent research has put out some major interesting findings.

On average, the study was able to prove how more than 130 million households have a least one smart device. This could be in the form of something as random as a smart speaker. But the really intriguing finding is how these figures will go on increasing to as much as 335 million and we’re talking about just a five-year time span.

The study’s infographics went on to detail how this particular analysis for smart homes included a number of different products and they’re set up for a mega growth trend that we might be able to see so soon.

In the same way, the Smart Home study also shed light on worldwide spending on modern-day goods based on the internet. Here is where it was discovered that $1.1 trillion worth of spending could be anticipated for the upcoming year.

Analysts from Statista delineated that these figures are proof of a simple fact. And that was more about how this area has done really well in terms of making a comeback from the devastating effects of the pandemic.

Remember, the pandemic forced so many users to stick to their homes and work remotely, giving rise to the simple fact that smart devices rule the world and are your gateway to better connectivity.

As we saw in the stressful COVID-19 times, more and more people wish to digitalize everything including their residences. Now, this could be in the form of adding voice controls or simply going one step ahead by incorporating safety protocols relating to IoT technologies.

This is what serves as a guard for the continuously rising smart home trends whose market doesn’t appear to be going down in sales, anytime soon.

When it came down to actual appliances that were leading the market and those who also played an integral role in helping to make homes smarter, Statista generated a list relating to that.

The figures provided a current picture of appliances leading today and predicted estimates for 2027. At the top of the list, we had smart speakers which were closely followed by smart security cameras, and then big appliances and small appliances. Towards the end, we saw smart smoke detectors and gateways make it there too.

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