The new gen USB-C 2.1 promises a whole new set of benefits; higher bandwidth, higher power and unified charging

With time technological devices have evolved and well, so have their charging cables, now tech giants work towards developing newer, faster and more efficient cables that can support upcoming technology effectively, one such cable is the USB-C 2.1.

Developed by an dutch tech company 'Club 3D', and is the first of its kind and delivers a power output of 240W, which is a great power jump since the last versions of USB Type C only deliver a maximum power of 100W thus making the USB-C 2.1 a great choice.

With power significantly increased, the USB-C 2.1 will have great implications for laptops and phones that use USB Type C to charge, using it will allow these devices to recharge quickly thus allowing users to save a whole lot of time.

A faster charge isn't the only benefit USB-C 2.1 brings with itself, with this new USB C, people carrying high powered laptops will not have to carry around heavy and long chargers, since they can easily charge both their mobile phones and laptops by simply using a USB-C 2.1 charger.

According to details, Club 3D is currently offering three different variants of the USB-C 2.1, where all three of the variants have a 240W power.

The first of the three cables is the CAC-1573, which has USB 2.0 data transfer speeds and does not have video support.

The second variant, names the CAC-1575, has quite a lot of features when compared to the first one. Containing 4 speeds of 20Gbps and 4K video support, the CAC-1575 is one great choice.

The third and the last variant is the CAC-1576, which has premium features and consists of 4 speeds of 40Gbps while also allowing 8K video.

While the prices of these new cables are not yet revealed, but technology enthusiasts all over the world are already excited for the new USB-C cable.

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