Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

As markets saturate and more businesses come out with comprehensive, impactful marketing strategies, competition has been more demanding than ever before. Within marketing strategies, digital marketing has proven its worth repeatedly.

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The digital marketing industry has been on the rise, with its value in 2022 forecasted to be $460 billion. Following this development, the need for personnel who can design and monitor digital marketing campaigns has been increasing rapidly. Consequently, the popularity of digital marketing firms, like the Goodway Group, has been on the rise. Organizations now face two choices: whether to train and maintain an in-house marketing team or outsource to a specialized marketing agency. If you’ve been wondering what approach to use, you need to consider the following aspects of your business:

The Availability of Skilled Employees

Often, small enterprises do not have a dedicated marketing team, and startups may not have the resources to build one. Finding talent takes time and can be a hit-or-miss process too. If your organization does not have enough employees skilled in designing campaigns, partnering up with a marketing agency is a better option.

On the other hand, if you have a digital marketing team built for the task. In-house employees are more associated with a brand’s culture and products so that they may reflect it in their marketing efforts better.

The Availability of Digital Tools

The more sophisticated a digital platform is, the higher you’ll have to pay to use it. If you do not have the necessary subscriptions, the knowledge of what exactly to purchase, or the budget to afford advanced tools, you may want to partner up with an agency. Digital marketing agencies have a comprehensive set of tools and experts to use those solutions to their maximum potential. They’ll be able to create effective, impactful content and give you metrics to track the success of your campaigns.

On the contrary, if your team thinks they have the right tools at their disposal and can manage them properly, you do not have to look outside your organization to create impactful campaigns.

Your Team’s Experience With Digital Tools

Training is necessary before having your employees create a digital marketing campaign. If your team is relatively new, it may not be an expert in knowing which software works the best or how to make the most out of a new digital tool. Designing a campaign in such conditions can be downright detrimental. In such a case, enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency will be your best bet.

In contrast, if your marketing team is experienced and has run successful campaigns before, you can rely on them to design and execute another campaign for you. Be sure that they stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends and software solutions available so that your campaigns are effective.

The Frequency of Your Campaigns

Sometimes, outsourcing can be a better option than in-house, even if you have a sufficient budget and can hire the required personnel. This is especially the case if you do not launch products often. In such a case, you may not frequently need to run a marketing campaign, so maintaining an in-house team with their monthly salaries and subscriptions to a variety of digital tools to help with marketing is simply not a cost-effective choice. Outsourcing your work is a smarter option in this scenario. On the other hand, if you need to run campaigns often, investing in training and maintaining your own in-house team can be more budget-friendly for you.

The Success of Your Past Campaigns

If you’ve been making your marketing efforts in-house and your past campaigns haven’t generated satisfactory results, try outsourcing to see if the problem gets solved. You can even enlist the help of such agencies to figure out where you’re going wrong. This can let you train your staff better for future scenarios. However, if your marketing team has led successful projects in the past, they can do so again. In such a case, you may not want to hire another agency.


Each firm has its own unique requirements: there is no perfect solution that fits everyone. You will have to carefully analyze your organization’s capabilities and history to determine which approach you should use in digital marketing. Dealing with an in-house team is more feasible in how they are always within your reach, whereas signing a contract with another agency can be cumbersome.

Oftentimes, businesses also apply a hybrid approach to hiring a digital marketing agency and doing marketing in-house. This can be done by outsourcing only when large projects are involved or when measuring the success of a campaign or problem identification is challenging. If you think you can benefit from partnering up with another agency, be sure to do your research extensively and work with a firm that can cater to your needs.
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