Report Highlights Ad Numbers And Revenue For Google, Displaying The Company’s Ad-Related Influence And Generated Revenue

Ad marketing agency Tinuiti recently published data on Google’s ad benchmarks, reporting on the company’s spend, impressions, and overall growth in this recent quarter.

So, to start things off, let’s look at ad spend. Data shows Google's search ads saw a year over year increase in spending, approximating to about 23% in Q1 2022. This increase, however, is just short of the rate of increase last quarter, Q4 2021. Then again, the numbers still report as being higher than the company was dealing with during the pandemic era, so the overall take here is that this is still a win for Google. While search ad click growth between the quarters only fell from 11% to 10%, a meager exchange, cost-per-click (CPC) growth took a much steeper toll, going from 18% to 12%.

Unlike a similar report by Tinuiti on Meta’s ad revenue and growth, which displayed a dwindling sense of interest from third party investors, Google’s got it made. The tech giant maintained a strong sense of ad interest from retailers, with search spend growing by an impressive 27%, while other industries managed to still finish up with solid numbers peaking at 21%. While CPC levels took a hit across 2020 and 2021, numbers have recovered at near miraculous rates, with numbers rolling 40% higher than they were in 2019. It took Google a while, sure, but the company has made an excellent comeback; much of this can be oriented to pet supply and beauty brand industries, which saw the highest CPC growths.

Mobile devices continue to be a strong and influential part of the tech marketplace, with over half of Google’s ad clicks coming from such platforms. 2020 was truly a testament to the mobile phone’s staying power and room for improvement: it seems that users have now dedicated themselves to these devices with more vigor than before. Clicks from third parties were supplied by desktops at 43%, and mobile devices at 55%, clearly showing a general user preference for the latter.

The march towards more visual content, such as photos and videos, continues with no hindrance. As a matter of fact, Google’s text ads fell in interest for the first time since 2019. However, it’s not all a loss since the average CPC also increased in amount. Even if fewer people were invested in ads, people were spending more money on them, keeping text ads afloat at a stagnant growth of 15%.

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