Parental Controls Gets Major Tweaks In The New Windows 11 Update

It comes as a no shocker that the  Microsoft Windows platform is widely used around the world. People of all ages make use of the friendly interface to carry out their daily tasks or resort to the operating system as an entertainment option. Families can now often be observed with multiple devices, with each person having access to their personal one. These devices for your children, especially those enrolled in school, are nothing less of a crucial possession. Their school and social life thrive on these systems, and the pandemic has only furthered the devices' needs in their everyday lives. This can prove to be particularly annoying when it comes to screen time. How can a part remotely get access to their children's screen time without violating their privacy by having to go through the phone? Windows may have come up with a solution for all the annoyed parents out there!

Windows 11 recently introduced a new update. The already included family safety widgets get some sneaky improvements to make them more valuable. They are also reportedly fixing many bugs to make the program more seamless and user friendly. However, the update will only be released later this year.

How does this update help an everyday parent? The new feature comes equipped with widgets to make parental control more accessible and effortless. You will now be able to secure the precise location of your family members signed into the Family safety app. It can be particularly helpful in situations in which either your kids or significant other goes missing. Moreover, the parental controls now allow each signed in person to be assigned a member role within the family. This way, all members' statistics, such as their screen time, will be logged under their profile. It allows for easier and more complete access to a particular member's screen time across all their devices and apps. The feature also gives you access to screen time customization settings, and one can easily set a limit! It also allows you to enable a series of filters across specific websites and apps. You can impose restrictions on games, social media and web browsing.

The new update is not just limited to parental control features and also introduces tweaks in the overall system. One example of this would be that your laptop will be able to give an estimate of the remaining battery life only if it supports it! This can be useful if you are going on a long trip and are getting done with a project. You will get an estimate of the battery so that the laptop does not shut down all of a sudden.

The excitement for the update is too hard to contain, and many are eagerly waiting for it. However, since there is no announcement from the platform itself, one cannot say for sure that the update will be rolled out. We will only know for sure once Windows releases its update!

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