NSO Group Refuses To Fight Lawsuit Filed By Facebook While Asking For Intervention By Supreme Court

A spyware organization by the name of NSO group that comes from Israel has requested the Supreme Court to intervene and thoroughly go through a decision entailing.

This particular case is in regards to the Pegasus malware. This particular malware was installed across so many phones belonging to WhatsApp users.

The NSO Group has come out with claims that revolve around a simple fact. They believe they are not answerable to anyone about installing spyware. The company further went on to justify how they’re receiving protection from the lawsuits thanks to the Foreign Sovereign Act that immunizes them.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit put up by Facebook is not being dismissed by either the trial judge or even by the Circuit Appeals Court and the spyware company claims that it’s not fair. For this reason, we’re seeing the NSO group argue about how the Supreme Court needs to intervene as soon as possible and find a solution to the situation that is really causing a flurry on social media.

Similarly, the spyware group has gone as far as mentioning how if the decision isn’t regulated closely, it might ultimately result in a series of lawsuits being filed in various different nations entailing contractors based in the US.

The company has boldly mentioned in writing how court following the reasoning provided by the 9th Circuit Court is another way of saying US firms will be held responsible for litigation across the globe, no matter what they supply.

In addition to that, they shed light upon how the move will open up new adversaries that take advantage of openings that block the US’ military maneuvers and intelligence reports.

Clearly, this is a major battle between social media giant Facebook and the NSO and it appears to have come into play from reports that claim Pegasus was installed across a number of devices such as smartphones of many WhatsApp users. Among them included some high-profile names and leaders including diplomats and governmental officers.

Three years ago, we saw Facebook issuing a lawsuit against NSO that stated how the firm violated both countrywide and California laws put into play for protection against hacking. They also stated how the effect went against the terms of service by WhatsApp.

Last year, we saw a three-member panel strictly delineate how NSO would not receive any foreign immunity. And similarly, we also saw the company be sued by tech giant Apple too over a similar matter.

For now, the matter is on hold but it will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court does indeed intervene.

NSO Group Requests Supreme Court To Intervene And Review Facebook’s Dangerously Wrong Decision
H/T: Media Post.

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