Metaverse Declared As The ‘Internet’s Logical Evolution’ By Nick Clegg

By now, we bet you’re well aware of the fact that Meta has high hopes attached to the concept of the Metaverse.

Building on that thought comes a new statement by Nick Clegg who has labeled the Metaverse phenomenon as the new and logical evolution of the internet. He says that it’s on its way to becoming a mainstream endeavor and one that’s here to stay.

But at the same time, he did elaborate on how tech companies need to work hard at building upon the concept because, at the moment, credibility and instilling people’s trust is not an easy affair.

With great experience as an ex-deputy Prime Minister and now a leading exec at Meta, Nick Clegg goes on to shed light upon how the world of digital technology has had its fair share of obstacles and the risks that come with it but that does not mean it can’t be recognized for its strengths.

And once we do manage to overcome all of the challenges attached, that’s when it gets a whole lot better for us. Concepts like these are ones that he feels work well at promoting inclusivity while bridging the gaps between various groups of people.

As Meta promises, the Metaverse is the future for various reasons. Firstly, it’s all about the internet immersing itself in the world of 3D. With the help of VR-themed headsets, smartphones, or digital glasses, the internet will never be the same again.

The best bit is that you can use it for leisure purposes and for your everyday professional work experiences as well, thanks to these virtual avatars.

We saw the concept come into play last year when Facebook transitioned into an integral part of Meta and also when Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the world how the Metaverse was going to be the online connectivity of tomorrow.

But we’re not expecting any major miracles to take place this year or the next and Nick realizes that too.

In a recent essay, he elaborated how it would need at least 10 to 15 years at least before we could end up seeing the Metaverse having a true impact around the world. And that’s fine because there was a time when we used to just type words on websites before the evolution of social media came into existence.

Similarly, we went from desktop computers to laptops to smartphone devices, and just like that, we evolved as will the world of the metaverse, he continued while referring to it as a 3D immersive exploration or the next generation of the world wide web.

The Metaverse will build on the concept of deeper conversations and more engagement as users make the most of rich communication experiences where you may not be present physically but virtually.

Nick said that you may feel like you’re with a certain someone or at a particular destination when in reality, you’re in the comfort of your own home.

As Meta says, everything is still in its initial stage and that’s why so many people are finding it hard to relate to it but the company has major plans. After all, who wouldn’t want to engage in a virtual meeting as compared to one that takes place the old school way?

But critics continue to argue about how apps like Facebook and Instagram need to be regulated in a more stringent manner. The harmful effect that content has on the younger generation is alarming and since the Metaverse isn’t into play for a while now, it’s high-time serious matters were given attention.

Nick agrees as that is the problem of today and the Metaverse is the future of tomorrow so regulation needs to be done soon.

It’s quite clear that Nick’s essay was done to gain greater support for the Metaverse and we think he may have succeeded.

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