Meta introduces the latest v14.0 Graph and Marketing API for Facebook

According to the reports, Meta has released a new v14.0 API for Facebook Graph and Marketing that includes various functionalities of the application. It enables the third party to access the app and extract their required information. It is important to note here that it is common for Meta to launch different API updates bringing greater shifts in the application.

The key aspect of this launch is if it holds anything for Facebook users. The answer to this is obviously yes, even though these changes are mostly related to the app developers. Yet, it can affect the users also in multiple ways. One of the changes this API has called for is a detailed questionnaire that Meta has introduced for its developers for their routine security assessment.

These questions were updated in July last year that asked the developers if the data present on the Facebook application is in any way contributing to disparity among communities. It has been specifically asked to provide the user's protection against ethnic, gender, and nationality-based conflicts. It, otherwise, may include sharing Facebook data with a third person to harm rivals.

It offers an additional protective layer against any misuse that can be done through Meta’s Facebook application. Based on these answers, Meta can revoke third-party access anytime if it is based on such purposes or motives. This shows that Facebook has specified parameters for giving access to a third party.

However, it sounds a little strange as everyone can mark no to the questions and proceed to access. No one will admit, for instance, that their attempt to access can harm disabled individuals by extracting their data from their Facebook accounts to know if they can employ a screen reader.

Yet, apart from this fact, Meta aims to provide the contract highlighting the terms to the third-party developers trying to access Facebook. It is a means of assurance that they agree to the terms and conditions of the Facebook application.

Moreover, Meta has also upgraded its policies of granting access to both the new and old businesses by asking them for verification. It is significant for identifying the technology developers of the business organizations. This whole process will aid the parent company in keeping an eye on how other applications are using the provided data on its platform or do it displays data more than what is required.

Additionally, through these upgraded APIs, Meta also plans to introduce the latest options like Transactional Marketing, parental control, one-time password on messaging, and special monitoring of the applications that interpret user's engaged posts. It is generally for the applications that are designed for parental access for child monitoring.

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