Google hints at the launch of a much more personalized Google Assistant

A digital personal assistant has been a wonder in all aspects for everyone. To be able to command your phone is one wonder that we all didn't even know we needed. Ever since the launch of the Google Personal Assistant, lives have been a lot easier.

To make lives even easier and to increase efficiency, Google has developed a new approach to its Personal Assistant. The new feature is called 'personalized speech recognition.' This is going to be a part of the Google Personal Assistant and will help the feature work even better, as per 9to5G.

How the feature will help is still not clear. The new update will store the audio recordings on your phone to help recognize what you say in future. This update has already been tested on other smart hubs hence it is easy to speculate the success of the update.

This update was much needed since Google Assistant does confuse words and voices and often results in a nuisance instead of increasing efficiency. Imagine dialing someone you were supposed to avoid because the Assistant messed up. Since this would be a total disaster, the launch of the new update is much anticipated.

The source of this new update was the decompilation of the code of the Google app which denies the reliability of the information, we do know for sure that it will launch sometime in the future. What we do not understand is why Google will keep such an important update hidden for so long. We do think the update might be under testing or work which is why it isn't out yet.

The strings found amongst the code indicate that storing recordings will help Google Assistant get better at recognizing names and words used frequently. However, we do believe that this tactic might not be that safe. Storing every recording and using them to get familiar with frequent words does sound suspicious in a world where privacy is the top priority.

The code also had hyperlinks attached however the 'learn more' section did not consist of any that could lead us to further information. It is believed that the section will lead us up to a supporting article once it is launched.

The code explains how the system will work. For now, we know that it will record the audio, recognize the pattern, build a model, and will then send it over to Google Servers. Google servers will then summarize the model and use it for further recognition. This will enable Google Assistant to learn the pattern of its user's speech.

While this does seem like an interesting aspect, we are still in doubt about the recordings and them being sent over to Google Assistant. For now, we do not see the update being launched any time soon since there is no word from Google itself. Till then, we are only left to speculate whether more bad will come out of this update or good.

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