2025 Revenue Estimates For Tech Giants Snapchat, Meta, Alphabet, And Twitter Cut By Double-Digit Percentages

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a leading number of big tech names flourish as remote working conditions and isolations forced so many users to stay home.

But with that scary health ordeal over and done with, it appears that the revenue estimates for the upcoming year aren’t looking too great for leading names in the industry.

According to a new report that was released by a group of analysts on Thursday, we might as well bid farewell to the unexpected revenue growth that occurred in the previous year for Twitter, Alphabet, Snapchat, and Meta.

Now, the new study has analysts slashing figures by nearly double digits as the advertising trends during the pandemic have faded away.

To be more specific, we saw MoffettNathanson slash the 2025 revenue estimate for the leading four tech giants by almost double digits.

Remember, this is in line with the reports released in 2021 which showed how digital spending in the US for ads peaked at nearly 38%. Moreover, Alphabet, which holds fame as the biggest digital advertising platform across the globe, had a record $257 billion in revenue and sales in 2021.

But the picture isn’t as rosy right now as these leading firms are being warned of intense pressure due to a general rise in prices. Similarly, the effects of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine won’t be forgotten, while the end of the rise in advertising trends due to the pandemic passing us all is also being recalled as a confounding factor.

Yes, many are worried about the long-term impact this can have on companies’ growth as far as digital ads are concerned.

Last year, there was some growth that could be credited to firms acting smart and saving up on carrying out office expansions. Therefore, there were more funds to invest in marketing and that really did them some good.

We also saw more brands making the effort to spend on their advertising departments that would assist more and more consumers to engage and make online purchases.

But we cannot deny how e-commerce is seeing its fair share of decline when compared to what it was during the pandemic. Similarly, with the rise in costs for corporations, as more people return to the office, the picture is gloomy.

Analysts in the report do hope to see online advertising growth in the US by nearly 12.5% in 2025. Yes, it’s down from the old 18% that we saw annually but a start is always welcome.

H/T: Reuters.

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