YouTube Adds New Shorts Shelf Display On Its Trending Page To Promote Its Best Shorts Clips

YouTube seems to be focusing quite a bit on its short video trends or ‘Shorts’ and its latest update is proof of just that.

The tech giant announced how it would now be adding a brand new display on its trending page that featured a Shorts shelf. And that will reportedly work at highlighting its most engaging and popular Shorts clips in your location, at any moment in time.

YouTube's creator insider channel mentioned in detail its latest feature, adding how it made the launch for the Trending page that aligns popular clips by their location.

Therefore, users can now expect to see more trending results being filtered out, only to be allocated in a more organized place called a shelf. And as the company says, the real goal is all about enhanced user experience for its trending page.

It’s quite clear how the objective is all about shifting focus towards driving more traffic in regards to leading content.

Simultaneously, it would also do wonders at helping users with their research as well as their comprehension in getting the hang of knowing who your true target audience is for your Shorts.

In case you weren’t already aware, there is immense popularity surrounding the feature, where clips have reportedly gone as far as crossing the 5 trillion benchmark for views. Who knows, maybe the new update could actually motivate you in keeping you up to date as you create your own version of short videos in the app.

Additionally, YouTube announced the addition of a Shorts tabs feature that can be found on devices like tablets, desktops, as well as the web. This way, you’re bound to benefit from greater engagement with Shorts.

Due to increasing popularity, YouTube says it is looking at options to potentially amalgamate the feature in all forms across the platform.

Remember, TikTok may continue to achieve great growth but one of its biggest competitors is definitely YouTube. And that is mostly related to how it monetizes so effectively that entices creators into making more content and generating more revenue.

Through Shorts, users can supplement their already active main channel and that will drive more and more people to watch their longer videos. And along the way, creators could also choose pre-rolled ads or even in-stream options to get returns on their content.

As most critics claim, Shorts may not be as wonderful as TikTok. But one thing is for sure- it does a pretty good job at driving more traffic and that is what matters at the end of it all.

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