Twitter’s Temporary Ban On Product Changes Comes Into Effect Moments After Elon Musk Takes Control

Twitter is doing everything in its power to ensure a safe and productive environment for its workforce after the acceptance of Elon Musk’s breakthrough $44 billion takeover offer.

For this reason, the app has introduced a temporary ban on making any product changes. The effect came into play shortly after Musk seized complete control.

Twitter is viewing the new ban as a way to limit the chances of its employees going ‘rogue’. Moreover, only those changes that are deemed to be critical for business purposes could be allowed, after approval from the company’s Vice President as reported by Bloomberg.

As far as how long the ban is anticipated to last, well, those familiar with the issue mentioned to the news outlet how employees could expect it to last until Friday but whether or not there will be an extension, only time can tell.

While Twitter has declined to comment on the recent report by Bloomberg, the temporary halt is a clear indication of how this could be the start of many new challenges for the platform as it begins the transition from entering the private business sector.

On Monday, Twitter’s board gave the green signal to Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk’s breakthrough offer of seizing control of the company for a mega value of $54.20 per share. This came after weeks of rollercoaster discussions.

At first, we witnessed the billionaire become the company’s biggest shareholder and then saw him declining a seat on the firm’s board. Next, things were made difficult for the Tesla CEO as Twitter implemented the poison pill to prevent him from taking complete command but in the end, the hard work did pay off for Elon Musk, who is now officially Twitter’s CEO.

But the decision isn’t being welcomed with open arms as many employees are skeptical about what could happen next after the major transition comes into play. This includes some growing alarms regarding policy rollbacks relating to content moderation. Similarly, there was an outcry about how we could soon be seeing alterations in the compensations awarded to these employees too.

On the day during which Elon Musk’s breakthrough deal was accepted, we saw CEO Parag Agrawal in the hot seat as his workforce grilled him about the upcoming changes.

One particular subject of popular interest was related to a possible mass exodus of the workforce as many saw Elon Musk as a man with ethics that were questionable.

Remember, the billionaire isn’t shy to speak his mind and implement changes that he feels suit the company the best. For instance, we saw the instant acceptance of a Twitter Edit Button recently as the Tesla owner holds a strong belief in promoting free speech.

He has also mentioned how he will be on a mission to introduce a range of new features to better the company while working to rid spam bots along the way. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see what pops up next as his top agenda because, by the looks of it, he isn’t planning on coming slow.

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