TikTok is rolling out its own live game streaming feature

Back in 2019, when the first wave of corona hit many people were driven to extreme heights of boredom by quarantine. To cure that boredom, they turned to the viral video sharing app TikTok which quickly rose and became the most downloaded app on both Google Play and App store. The app was launched back in 2016 under the name of Musical.ly.

Now even after three years have passed TikTok is an app that is still reigning as a favorite app of many albeit being a little lower in the rankings. As every app needs the interest of its users to stay afloat, the apps use updates. TikTok is no exception as it is now making updates that will increase its reach even more.

TikTok is now adding a live gaming feature that will enable users to go live and play games, something just like YouTube. According to Matt Navarra who is a social media analyst, this feature is one that will be released soon and anybody who will misuse it will have that right taken away. Any user who will use this feature for anything other than game streaming, like going on a normal live or sharing other things like pirated movies as seen on Facebook gaming etc.

This feature is a very good one that will restrict people who want to share other things and will give reach to users who deserve the acknowledgement. TikTok was originally only available for people in Mainland China but was later made available for the whole world. The app grew to have millions of users in just one year and many more were to follow in the upcoming years. The app was mostly a place of discord for some because some of the videos being uploaded on there were not exactly appealing to the general population.

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