Meta Debuts Its Shopping Experience With Launch Of Its First-Ever Store On May 9

Facebook’s parent company is on a roll as it plans to debut a unique shopping experience for the world by opening doors to its first-ever Meta Store.

The hardware-themed store is designed with the objective to introduce users to the Metaverse and it only makes sense that this project was a long time coming.

The upcoming IRL store will be set for launch on May 9 and it’s safe to say that the news has plenty of people excited as it's going to be something that people aren’t used to seeing.

Meta plans on debuting the innovative shopping experience at its Burlingame campus which is delineated as the base for its Metaverse-based reality division. Moreover, the campus is said to be open five days a week.

But what exactly can visitors expect to see or even purchase was a question on plenty of people’s minds.

Well, it has been revealed recently that visitors will get their hands on a number of different kinds of hardware that range from Google Glass, Meta Quest 2, Ray-Ban Stories, and the Portal as well.

Both Portal and Meta Quest 2 will be available for immediate sale in-store, the only way to get your hands on the smart glasses is by making an order through the company Ray-Ban itself.

In addition to that, Meta recently revealed that users will soon be able to experience the convenience of not leaving the comfort of their home but still gaining a great shopping experience through the click of a Meta shopping tab.

Meta says it’s putting an exciting array of games such as Beat Saber, Real VR Fishing, Supernatural, and the popular GOLF+.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who broke the news last week through his post on Instagram that featured an image of him engaged in VR while being in a very futuristic-themed retail environment.

There were Nikes and a huge screen in the background and it left quite a few viewers guessing what was up.

Meta has been keenly interested in launching stores for a while now as reported by the New York Times in 2020. They gave out plenty of correct details about the company’s future projects and even went as far as mentioning specifics relating to the store as well.

One can’t help but ask if this is the Metaverse or not. Isn’t this the link that will entice users to get on the bandwagon of digital retail? Well, it’s quite obvious that to sell things in the VR world of Metaverse, you first need to get them amped up to enter the Metaverse realm.

Therefore, it makes sense as to why Meta is coming through with such hardware stores and why it didn’t think of it earlier.

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