Getting sensitive ads in the middle of your browsing? Well, Google is out with a solution for you

We have all had those weird moments, where we are right in between of showing a family member or co-worker something on the internet and an embarrassing ad pops up this leaving you all embarrassed and apologetic, and worst of all, they also start judging you.

While these moments of embarrassment cannot be deleted from our lives, they, however, can be easily avoided by Google's new privacy feature that lets you limit ads on several different topics that users find sensitive.

While this feature is not really new and was released back in December of 2020, it only blocked ads on two sensitive topics including Gambling and Alcohol. However now with the new update Google allows you to limit advertisements on many new sensitive topics through this setting page which includes parenting, pregnancy, weight loss, dating and others.

While initially released in the United States for restricting gambling and alcohol ads, this feature has become quite famous amongst users who don't want sensitive ads to appear on their work devices or amongst parents that don't want their kids to see sensitive advertisements while using the internet.

If you are also someone that wants to use this amazing feature and limit sensitive advertisements, then all you have to do is to head down to your 'Google ads settings', scroll down to the bottom and select the sensitive topics of advertisements that you want to limit. Quite easy right?

After getting positive responses about the feature, Google has released a statement saying that they are looking for user feedback and will include more sensitive topics and categories into the feature accordingly. What are some categories that you think belong there? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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