China Begins Cracking Down On Potential Abuse By Leading Tech Firm Algorithms

China has reportedly begun sending its government officials to go and inspect the possible harm being spread by giant tech companies and their algorithms.

The country has referred to the widespread issue as a major concern and has even gone as far as calling it a form of abuse done by leading internet giants.

For this reason, the country has allotted a specific team of professionals hailing from the public sector whose role will be to conduct inspections on a personal level.

China’s Cyberspace Administration recently highlighted through a public statement how it would be targeting websites functioning on a large scale, including products as well as platforms that carry a huge influence. However, that state-owned and controlled internet regulating body failed to name any specific company.

When the statement was translated with the help of Google, it showed how the regulator was in favor of national tech companies submitting their own algorithms so they could be critically analyzed.

The body hopes the measure would assist in cracking down on abuse and the spread of misinformation. Moreover, it was also stated that once a firm’s algorithm was deemed to be flawed, it would be liable to face a number of penalties, which are yet to be specified.

In case you weren’t already aware, most tech companies of today that provide content recommendations actually rely upon the assistance of algorithms to produce results. These could either be generated through the search engine on Google, Facebook’s News Feed, or even TikTok’s famous ‘for you’ page.

Experts believe the stricter acts to control potential abuse by the Chinese regulator will hopefully bring so many tech giants in line and ensure their operations coincide with the algorithm’s rules that were previously released during the year.

These regulations prohibit fakes news produced by algorithms and even prevent the idea of using algorithms to solidify a monopoly. Additionally, the rules will help control threats to the country’s national security, control matters of online addiction, and inhibit social disorders.

The move is being called out as the latest intervention by the country to oversee the growing command and influence that so many of its tech firms withhold.

Common examples of companies include ByteDance,, and Alibaba. These companies, their platforms, and apps are immensely popular and when combined with the country’s leading connectivity, it’s no surprise to see how they’ve managed to convert their founders into some of the world’s richest individuals.

China seems to be on the urge to take back control of the internet and how these companies get a hold of data, including details relating to the listing. In this way, the country hopes to apply greater pressure on their wealthy CEOs who seem to be taking a backseat in their own companies.

Meanwhile, experts claim that China isn’t the only country in the world that publicizes its growing concerns about algorithms belonging to tech giants.

Recently, the United Kingdom unveiled its version of the ‘Online Harms Bill’ that reportedly targets how algorithms spread harmful content. Similarly, lawmakers from the US put forward the latest bipartisan bill called the ‘Social Media NUDGE Act’. This was launched with the hopes of putting a halt to algorithms sharing so much misinformation.

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