Apple Opens Doors To Its First Ever ‘Self-Service’ Repair Store For iOS Users

While it may have taken a tad bit longer than anticipated, Apple has finally opened up its doors to its flagship self-service repair store.

This service will solely be limited to iPhone users and those who reside in the US. Therefore, if you’re an avid iOS user and currently have the iPhone 12, 13, or 3G iPhoneSE then you’re more than eligible to purchase pivotal parts. This can range from display screens and batteries to a camera too.

Just arrive at the dedicated store and ask for a repair manual that gives you the privilege of fixing your phone yourself. And if you’re really the adventurous kind, then you can even go as far as renting one toolkit for a specific duration. After all, no point in buying tools that you won’t be using often.

iOS users hailing from other countries don’t have to feel sad because they’ll soon be availing of the feature soon as the tech giant hopes to expand to a number of other regions this year, with Europe being at the top of their list.

The company also announced how Mac users could soon take advantage of the self-service endeavor where so many parts, tools, and manuals will be present for Apple’s famous computer. But Apple says the tool kits on offer will be restricted to Macs that entail Apple silicon. Hence, those with intel-related devices won’t be able to undergo repair through this service.

The much anticipated self-service debut comes with the launch of a white paper that includes the tech giant’s strategy for service. This shed light on how Apple has worked hard to double its repair platform, adding how 80% of its US-based consumers were present within a 20-minute drive of the repair provider.

In the same way, Apple highlighted the rationale for providing these repair designs which relied on using original parts, and also how there are no schematics present to conduct board fixes. Similarly, Apple argues that board fixes are efficiently done through assistance from technicians who carry the skill to provide consistent changes.

It can well be seen how Apple’s launch of the self-service store is the company’s answer to the great amount of criticism it faces taking on the ‘Right To Repair’ protocol. Many officials across the US have already begun implementing it or have suggested its use.

Meanwhile, a number of leaked emails have gone on to suggest how Apple itself has been at the center of debates with itself and how its products aren’t the easiest to fix. Therefore, this change could lessen the overall criticism in the eyes of the public.

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