Apple may upgrade iCloud Private Relay on iOS 16, protecting the user’s internet privacy to another level

As you may have known by now; Apple has been making huge changes in the industry to protect its users’ privacy. This time some information cited by various sources says that the new iOS 16 version being developed by Apple could add to the iCloud+ Private Relay feature so users can store and transfer data more securely.

Apple announced its iCloud Private Relay services in 2021 and gained a huge support by customers as this feature made the transfer of data much more secure by using two separate internet relays. Using this, users could transfer data anonymously and safely to another location without outside sources having access to their personal information.

This feature has yet to be released but the beta version has been available to iCloud+ subscribers for some time now. It is suspected that it will be released officially in the new iOS version code named iOS 16.

Latest news from Digiday hints that a bunch of new features will be added in Apple iOS 16 for protecting user privacy and personal data from advertisers and organizations.

According to the report, Private Relay is such a popular feature among iOS users that it’s almost confirmed that it will be added in iOS 16. Moreover, as Apple doesn’t really have a better feature for protecting user data from organizations, the Private Relay feature is almost a necessity to be added in iOS 16.

As of now, iCloud Private Relay feature is only available to iCloud+ subscribers for Safari traffic. This means that Private Relay doesn’t work on other apps other than Safari for controlling and regulating in-app traffic. To enable Apple's Private Relay on your Mac or iPhone, tap on Settings > iCloud > Private Relay. Finally, when you enable this privacy, your internet and browsing experience will become much more safe and secure So, if you care for your data to be prevented from different websites that build your profile based on your preferences and taste and stop them from transferring your data to advertisers and marketers, use iCloud Private Relay for free on your MacBook or iOS 16.

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