YouTube has suspended monetization of Russian Channels due to Ukraine War

This week, YouTube announced that they’ve turned off monetization of videos for all content creators in Russia.

Audiences outside of Russia may generate revenue for Russian content creators but the Russian people themselves can’t support them at all. Why has YouTube made such a drastic decision? Let’s explore below.

Two weeks ago, when the nuclear superpower Russia started invading Ukraine, the United Nations decided to seek a diplomatic settlement between the two nations. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin refuses to set any deadlocks with the sovereign and independent country, Ukraine. Soon after the invasion, big Companies including YouTube, Meta, Google, McDonald's, Samsung, etc initiated to impose restrictions on Russia. Every single trading of goods has come to a halt. In the same vein, Google decided to restrict monetization on YouTube for Russian video uploaders as monetization is the criteria to earn profits from YouTube. So, the ads revenue won’t be generated for Russian affiliated channels. However, the decision wouldn’t apply to the profits earned from views other than Russia.

Alongside that, YouTube also clarified that it will pause the Russian state-controlled TV network (RT) as well as Adam Thomas Moran's YouTube channel having 10.6 million subscribers, etc from earning ads revenue. Also, all Russian-based YouTube channels are now banned for streaming in Ukraine. Moreover, Russians reported that YouTube premium is inaccessible to them, which enables watching favorite YouTube channels without advertisements. In light of the extraordinary conditions in Ukraine, Twitter has blocked monetization in Russia. Similarly, Google declared that it’ll suspend transactions for all Google Play products by Russian citizens, which keeps them away from purchasing new apps or extending subscriptions to software in use. All things considered, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Meta is soon going to launch locked profiles in Ukraine, for the time being, the Company has removed the ability to search and view Facebook profiles in Ukraine.

To sum up, it isn’t easy to predict what would be the consequences of the mass exodus of Western Companies from Russia and how will these measures affect Vladimir Putin to stop his military attack on Ukraine? Meanwhile, most of the politicians and intellectuals think Putin won’t stop the invasion until all of Ukraine isn’t conquered even though the U.S. puts extreme pressure to cease the war.

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