US Department Of Justice Endorses ‘Anti-Trust’ Bill Targeting Leading Tech Giants Like Apple

The US Department of Justice has recently endorsed the country’s ‘Anti-Trust’ bill that is known to target leading firms in the world of technology like Apple.

The decision comes as a recent report spoke about how so many tech companies such as Apple were indulging themselves in highly shocking anticompetitive behavior. And that’s why so many experts believe the time had come for such a measure to come into play before it was too late.

In the year 2019, a year-long investigation was on the rise to see whether or not tech giants were actually guilty of carrying out anti-competitive behavior. And as you can probably expect, Apple was investigated too.

For this reason, Tim Cook was asked to testify in front of the US Congress and that’s where his firm was found guilty of accusations pertaining to anticompetitive behavior.

At that time, it was believed that Congress would actually pass one anti-trust bill that could tackle all such issues outlined previously. However, it failed to do so and opted for a number of bills instead.

Meanwhile, experts believed that if the bill was actually passed into law at that time, it would result in barring the organization from carrying out the pre-installation of its own apps on its devices.

Out of the multiple bills outlined in the past, the only one that actually appears to have made some progress has to do with the ‘American Innovation & Choice Online Act’. But it wasn’t an easy struggle as Apple CEO Tim Cook tried his best to personally lobby against the bill but all of his concerns were soon put to rest by Senator Amy Klobuchar who also happens to be a co-sponsor.

New reports from the Wall Street Journal claim how the US Department of Justice has chosen to go full throttle with its decision to support the Antitrust Bill as it feels it will rightly challenge any sort of anti-competitive behavior.

Experts believe that receiving the Department of Justice’s support on the bill could potentially pave the way to a greater possibility of the passing of the legislation. But still, there is still some uncertainty surrounding whether or not that can still happen.

Many hope the decision to endorse the legislation that forbids large platforms like Google or Amazon from promoting their own products over others could be the current Biden administration’s first real sign of support of the anti-trust regulations.


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