Twitter test out “Twitter shops”, A place for businesses to sell and display their products

E-commerce is becoming a huge part of social networking apps as they develop new strategies to increase their reach, and to help businesses and users who have been affected by the pandemic financially.

Most of the apps have started business accounts and special online shops for users to avail. They work like any physical shop would. Now Twitter has also released its first test of “Profile Shops” that would display the products within the app.

Twitter has already tested two more approaches towards e-commerce. They tested Shop Modules and the ability to showcase a product in a tweet. Shop Modules are spaces above a profile for businesses to display their products. This is the next step where selected users are able to display their products in a dedicated shop which appears at the end of the user’s Bio section. When a user clicks on it they will be able to see and shop for the products that are made available for sale by the business using the app. This all can be accomplished within the Twitter app and users will not need to follow any external links to shop for the things that they want from a particular vendor on the app. This feature is called “Twitter Shops”.

Using the Twitter shops, a business will be able to pick up to 50 items that they want on sale. This is a completely free feature for both the vendor and the customer. The brands that the user talks about on their timeline or follows, they will be able to see and shop for the products available on that shop.

The most significant addition there is that users will be able to display up to 50 products at a time because with the Shop Module the showcase ability of users was limited to only 5 products. This will help brands gain a lot more room to accommodate more and more customers and satisfy their needs. The user will be connected to the businesses’ website when they will shop through the Twitter Shops.

Even though Twitter has been testing many formats of online selling within the app, it tested the same thing as Twitter shops back in 2015 with the different name of 'Product and Place Collections' but with the same functionality. It did not work as well as it should have at that time, but now there is a lot of scope and a lot more room for it to work.

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