Twitter has been completely blacked out by the Russian administration, here’s how the social network is dealing with it

Twitter has finally come up with a solution to tackle the ongoing situation with Russia. After the Russian authorities went on to ban Twitter, during its crackdown on social media platforms to stop false propaganda from spreading. According to the Russian media regulation department; Roskomnadzor said that they reached out to Twitter to comply, but the social networking did not respond to the situation accordingly. The Russian government is planning the same strategy with Twitter, like what they did with Meta Inc.’s Facebook; by making it inaccessible.

However, the social networking giant is providing services that will let you bypass the ban. Twitter has announced that they are offering Tor, short for The Onion router service for the users that won’t be able to gain access to the site in the country. The mysterious structure of the onion router keeps the users safeguarded against being monitored.

Alec Muffett, a software engineer and an active member of the open-source software community broke the news through his Twitter account.

This may not be the best time, however, this innovation will give the residents of Russia the ability to see and speak the truth about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian government is trying to keep social networking platforms such as Meta’s Facebook or the walkie-talkie app Zello censored. The Putin administration has outlawed the media from challenging the government’s take about the ongoing conflict. With Twitter providing Tor service, media groups might be able to report about the situation.

This is not the first time the social networking industry has been blacked out by the Russian administration.

The onion service is not only limited to Russia but also allows users in Iran, North Korea, and even China to gain access to the website without worrying about being monitored.

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