The 20 most typical passwords revealed

Passwords are everyone’s top secrets which people don’t want to share with anyone nor they should do it. But one might think that their passwords might be difficult to guess, however that’s not the case. The passwords people set are much easier to guess than they think.

Mobile surveillance company Lookout discovered 20 most common passwords in the latest analysis. The firm gets these details from an exposed account on the dark web. Surprisingly, simple letters or phrases or numbers are the most common passwords in the list. Passwords like 1234 or iloveyou are the basic ones but these are actually found from a hackers account.

It's obvious to choose passwords that are simple to keep in mind. As per online password organizer NordPass, the average person has over 100 distinct online accounts that require passwords. Simple keys, on the other hand, might be exceedingly easier for hackers to crack, giving them unrestricted access to all personal information and accounts.

It's an issue that needs to be addressed right now. According to cybersecurity specialists, the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war might lead to an increase in cyberattacks all around the world, with US institutions citing fear in the last week that they would be attacked. As per January assessment from the charity Identity Theft Resource Center, the United States saw a record amount of data leaks last year - 1,862, increasing 68 percent from 2020.

Back in December 2021, Lookout who created cloud security software stated that almost 80 percent of user’s information have been released on the dark web and people are completely unaware. Anyone can be a part of it without even knowing. According to Lookout, those exposed emails frequently direct hackers straight to the passwords for other account information and data theft.

On analyzing the exposed account, Lookout created a list of 20 most typical passwords which include 12345, 123456789, Qwerty, password, 12345, 12345678, 11111, 1234567, 123123,Qwerty123, 1q2w3e, 1234567890, DEFAULT, 0, Abc123, 654321, 123321, Qwertyuiop, ILoveyou, 666666. It is important for people to take a look at their passwords and if their passwords are from the list then they should definitely change them to something difficult and strong. Using symbols, punctuation, letters or numbers can make a password unique.

According to Lookout, the bulk of people repeat passwords for several accounts, and that's something they must stop at all costs. If hackers gain access to any one account, it will become easier for them to hijack other accounts as well, so, by setting different passwords for different accounts, it will be harder for hackers to hack more than one account.

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