Google Maps Fights Online Abuse By Blocking ‘100 Million’ Fraudulent Business Profile Edits In 2021

Google is known for its reliable information and now it’s sharing with the world how its Google Maps Platform is staying true to its promise of fighting online abuse for user safety.

The giant tech company revealed how less than 1% of the content displayed in the Google Maps app is fraudulent or abusive.

Moreover, it highlighted the great use of algorithms as well as machine learning and even human control to fight abuse, fraudulent business activity, and spam.

The news comes as the company saw a mega 30% increase in both business edits as well as additions for the year 2021 when compared to stats seen in the year 2020.

When it came down to the actual spam-fighting efforts from the company, Google was quick to mention how it was able to block nearly 100 million abusive business edits showing up on Google Business Profiles by those having ‘fraudster’ intentions.

These suspicious individuals tried to edit those listings but failed at doing so, as reported by the company. But what exactly were the efforts carried out by Google? Well, the entity has shared it all, and here is a breakdown of the stats mentioned:
  • With some assistance from user reports, Google removed more than seven million fraudulent business profiles on the Google Maps app.
  • More than 12 million suspicious attempts were prevented through the creation of fake Business Profiles on the Google Maps app.
  • At least eight million abusive attempts were stopped that intended to claim Business Profiles through Google Maps
  • Around one million accounts were disabled over policy-violating behavior such as fraud or online vandalism attempts
  • 95 million policy-violating reviews were either blocked or completely removed, where nearly 60,000 were removed after being affiliated with COVID-related incidents
  • With assistance from user reports, one million reviews were removed
  • 190 million images and five million videos were blocked due to poor quality, blurry results, or being in violation of Google’s content-related policies.
This move is believed to assist a number of legitimate businesses as well as leading local SEOs to perform better local searches. Similarly, it will help Google Maps reduce the stress related to fraud on its listings.

Google announced how customer care is one of their top priorities. This is why they publicly outlined the extra steps to combat issues of fraud and spam that have been historically associated with Google Maps and the company’s Business Profiles.

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