Google claims progressive web application installs have nearly tripled since 2021

According to a blog post by Google, desktop web applications downloads have tripled since last year, web applications, which have recently been famous on desktops for a while now, however recently new application programming interfaces have enhanced them even more. Google is also rooting for web applications that are available on chrome to be installable on desktops exactly how they are on Android phones & the outcome is just amazing.

Google mentions that PWAs possess more capabilities & are much more powerful now; Powered by an open website, PWA helps creators develop more reliable applications beneficial for the user. These PWAs can easily be found and coined in for cash on Google play too.

Since early 2021, the demands for PWAs have gone up to a staggering three hundred percent.

Also taking into account the number of users who use PWAs as normal sites have boosted the usage three times.

Not only on desktops but also the amount raised is also noticeable on Chromebooks, which according to Google have seen also a fifty percent rise in the past year.

According to the survey almost fifty percent more users are now using Android applications on Chromebooks right now than in 2020.

Chrome for a while has been upgrading the quality of applications and android games on Chromebooks.

The most recent development on PWAs is Project Fugu, which helps filling in the space between the website’s abilities newer applications to work on the website. Project Fugu is a Chromium project, which is accessible on every contributor with chrome. Some of the new functions include web share targeting, which helps web applications become visible in Android’s menu or Web share API level 2 that helps to share files from web applications to a local application.

The project also introduced barcode detection API which is actually a subset of shape detection API, which helps detect different barcodes and decodes them.

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