Consumers Are Tired Of Having To Type In Passwords And KBAs When It Comes To Security, They Wants Revolutionary Changes

Pindrop, recently, polled more than 2,000 American consumers to find out how voice-enabled technologies may influence people's daily lives.

Customers will choose more and more voice-enabled solutions in the future. More than two-thirds of respondents expressed that they would find it extremely handy to be able to unlock and start their car by speaking into their phone while driving. 63% of those questioned, on the other hand, said that changing passwords is a major hassle and that there should be a better approach. The capacity to use an ATM just by speaking into it is a dream for 54% of people. As much as half of the people who replied to KBAs (Knowledge Based Authentication Questions thought they were either unnecessary or annoying.

Voice-enabled technology has the potential to revolutionize both security and user experience in the future. In order to maintain a competitive advantage and gain the trust of consumers, companies must ensure that their customers have an enjoyable and safe experience. Voice verification is becoming more popular among customers, but many companies are still utilizing archaic methods to verify their identities.

According to a survey, 43 percent of consumers use speech technology on a daily basis and 70 percent of customers use voice technology weekly. 70% of parents feel that voice-activated parental controls are a good way to protect their children from inappropriate content online.

Eleven percent say they are relieved or nine percent are confident in the brand's security standards if they are needed to submit more than two KBAs to access an account. Only 28 percent of respondents interviewed believe that 38 percent of the most technologically sophisticated financial institutions and 31 percent of the safest financial institutions enable clients to authenticate themselves using their voice.

Forgotten passwords and inaccurate KBA replies are responsible for 10% to 14% of account cancellations, according to the poll.

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