Best Logo Makers 2022

Creating a logo has long ceased to be difficult. Now with the help of online services you can make a logo in one evening, without resorting to the services of designers.

Let's take a look at 5 of the easiest and highest quality logo generators.


Main functions:

The service is used to create logos. Provided for the use of a large library of templates, a wide catalog of effects and styles. A huge number of filters and manual adjustment of all tools. Ability to export files to CVG and CSS.


1. easy to use

2. logos are instantly generated and multiple options to choose from

3. good quality

4. logo designs are free, you pay only for the one you choose

5. editable for certain plans

6. 24/7 support service.

Instructions for creating your own logo

Step 1: Name and slogan of the logo.

Step 2: Determine the color palette to work with.

Step 3: Open and select an icon that meets your requirements.

Step 4: Next, the logo opens in several possible variants. Decide on your choice.

Step 5: Payment and download the finished file.


Rate "Light" 6.55$.

You can download a single file without the ability to edit.

Rate "Standard" 9.40$

Access to download seven files, editing is available for a month.

Rate "Business" 28.39$

Downloading of seven ready-made logos, creation of personal and corporate business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Possible editing for a month.


Main functions:

Creation of logos for any kind of activity. The service has a catalog of editable templates, a library of stock photos, and the ability to upload your own layouts. You can bring users together and collaborate on creation, and link your accounts to share with colleagues on social media at the same time.


1. ease of use

2. large selection of free templates

3. Universal directory, which allows you to create a logo of any subject.

Instructions for creating your own logo

Step 1: Choosing a logo template.

Step 2: Name.

Step 3: Decide on a palette.

Step 4: Through the sidebar upload an image.

Step 5: Choose one of the presented options.

Step 6: Download the finished result.


Free trial version with cloud storage limitation.

Business rate $30 per month.

Ability to work together with colleagues, everyone has access to the service. Unlimited storage. Round the clock support.

PRO rate $12.99 per month, with a one year subscription.

100 million premium files available to you. Daily updated templates. Social media sharing at the same time.

Tailor Brands

Main functions:

Logo creation for any industry. Ability to customize each tool used manually. Creation of an abstract form at the beginning, which guarantees a customized logo for the same activities. A seasonal logo generator is available.


1. finished files in good quality

2. Several variants to choose from

3. company assets. Available for free letterhead, business cards, etc.

4. Ability to save finished results to your account.

Instructions for creating your own logo

Step 1: Name.

Step 2: Choosing a color palette, font.

Step 3: Review all available choices.

Step 4: If necessary edit fonts, icons, colors on the final result.

Step 5: Downloading the file.


Basic rate $9.99

Standard rate $19.99

Premium rate $49.99


Main functions:

Creating logos without professional help. There is a large color variation at the service. When you create and download we get good quality files. It is possible to make changes in the logo and its size. Ability to generate an unlimited number of design variations.


1. ease of use

2. Logo development in a short time

3. wide variety of design

4. guarantee of uniqueness

5. affordable price.

Instructions for creating your own logo

Step 1: Name.

Step 2: Specify your line of business

Step 3: Choose your color scheme and design.

Step 4: Add a slogan if you have one.

Step 5: Choose your favorite generated logo.

Step 6: Make changes if needed.

Step 7: Download the finished result.


Basic rate $20

One file is available for download.

Premium rate $65

Several types of high quality files. Unlimited number of changes after downloading files. Huge selection of color variations including transparent background.


Main functions:

Service for creating logos with a huge collection of layouts. There is an opportunity to download a free trial logo. Large selection of ready-made logos created according to the stated parameters. High extension of created files, possibility of printing on any products and materials.


1. Logo creation for any industry including gaming

2. high-quality photos and videos

3. opportunity to brand your gaming channel

4. extensive library of layouts and templates

5. possibility of use without special skills.

Instructions for creating your own logo

Step 1: Click the "logos" tab on the service.

Step 2: Enter a name.

Step 3: Choose an industry category.

Step 4: Choose a color scheme.

Step 5: From the options provided, choose a suitable one.

Step 6: Make changes if required.

Step 7: Download your finished work.


There is a free plan with limited features.

Premium plan with unlimited access to the platform, cost $14.95 per month.

One-time downloads are also possible, if you have created only one logo, then you can pay only its cost without purchasing a monthly subscription.
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