Apple Shifts Focus Towards Developing Hardware Subscription Services For iPhones And Other Products

It can be said without a doubt that the Apple iPhone is the company’s greatest source of revenue worldwide, with sales reaching a mega $192 billion last year.

Now, Apple Inc. is shifting gears and is busy developing hardware subscription services for its iPhones and a number of other leading products.

Tech experts believe the move could potentially make the ownership of the device very similar to the payment of a monthly application fee.

Moreover, the revolutionary service is being looked upon as Apple’s most determined push ever to venture out into the world of automatically recurring sales. In this way, more and more users will now be able to make subscriptions to hardware for the first time ever, as compared to only digital services.

With that being said, the venture is still in its early development phase, as confirmed by unnamed sources who chose not to be identified.

With the adoption of hardware subscriptions, the company hopes to embark upon a major strategy shift. After all, Apple has solely relied upon selling its devices at full costs via carrier subsidies or perhaps with the help of installments.

But what benefit will this bring to Apple, at the end of the day?

Well, tech experts believe the move will assist the company in producing more revenue while making it so much easier for consumers to spend thousands on a range of new devices.

Last year, statistics proved how the Apple iPhone was responsible for producing the greatest sales while generating nearly $192 billion in the previous year, which was more than half of the company’s total revenue.

The general idea is to make the purchasing of iPhones or an iPad equivalent to the payment of iCloud storage or subscriptions of Apple Music on a monthly basis.

Apple confirmed how it plans on allowing consumers the freedom to subscribe to hardware too with the company’s ID and app store account that they already use to purchase apps or subscribe to a number of services today.

Instead of the classic installment program, users can expect to pay just a monthly fee charge, whose rate solely depends upon the device chosen.

While Apple is certainly not the first to push forward with hardware subscriptions, the decision to do so is being keenly observed by critics around the globe.

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