Zoom to introduce its new contact center in the upcoming expansion

Zoom is expanding by introducing its new customer service which is called Zoom Contact Center. The contact center is an expansion that orbits around video teleconferences, which makes the interaction between the clients and the company much more effective and quick.

However, the contact center is just not bound to video conferencing. The main concept behind the idea is to organize every issue that should be dealt with by customer care under one roof, an all-in-one tool to be more precise.

Making it easier to use and accessible by both the managers and operators. Zoom plans to improve its client’s experience by giving them the ability to reach out to the contact center directly.

According to the reports, the new contact center would consist of hundreds of features for everyone that is involved, from administrators to supervisors or agents. The company plans to release a bunch of updates in the future, which includes features to enhance better support systems for customer relationship management tools.

The new expansion is first released in North America later this year, while there’s no specific time scheduled for the latter international market.

Zoom’s Chief Product Officer Oded Gal mentions that Zoom’s contact center was difficult and costly to release. Along with that, it was more time-consuming to upgrade it, Zoom has carefully developed the contact center to meet every standard need of its customer and agent. Both of them expect an effective and individualized customer care system.

Zoom was the most profitable portal during the pandemic, the time when everyone was enforced to work remotely. The company’s share skyrocketed in 2020 reaching almost seventy-three US dollars before reaching an all-time high of approximately five fifty-nine US dollars per share. As of now, Zoom’s share is priced at one twenty-six US dollars in the market since everything is becoming normal again and everyone’s returning to their offices.

The company is also under a lot of pressure because of the growing competition in the video conferencing market. Microsoft has introduced its very own video conferencing platform that is much like Zoom and is essentially free for all the companies that purchased Microsoft’s Office suite. Microsoft’s Teams is on rapid growth and a powerful contender for Zoom.

Microsoft teams’ market share has risen during this quarter while Zoom’s market is declining since more companies are cutting their cost to recover from the damage done during the pandemic by moving towards Microsoft Teams since it’s essentially free and a part of Microsoft’s wholesome package.
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