This New Report Reveals High Level of Complacency Among Organizations That Suffered Cyber Attacks

The high level of digitization of various aspects of our life has brought with it a wide range of benefits and advantages, but suffice it to say that it has also created opportunities for criminals to take what doesn’t truly belong to them to any extent whatsoever. Countless organizations have suffered from various kinds of cyberattacks, and despite the availability of things like multi-factor authentication, it doesn’t seem like these businesses are all that eager to adopt any of these methods.

This comes from a survey of over 400 experts that work in the field of IT security, and it reveals that organizations are shockingly complacent about the likelihood of them suffering from some kind of a cyber attack in the near future. The vast majority of organizations, or 89% to be precise, suffered from phishing attacks in the past year which represents a 17% increase, and if this current rate of growth continues no organization will be safe from harm for the most part.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that only around 36% of organizations that suffered from a cyberattack tried to upgrade their password authentication to any degree. Many organizations are aware that a passwordless system could do them a lot of good, but they might be hesitant to accept such a solution and even if it does get implemented the advent of sharing log in details over personal communication channels will continue to cause the rate of such occurrences to rise in the future.

Remote work is starting to become the norm in a lot of different industries with all things having been considered and taken into account. That makes it even more essential that MFA gets adopted by at least a majority of these companies. Some companies are worried that MFA could reduce their productivity and efficiency since it would create hurdles when it comes to logging into a certain section of their database, but this is a scenario where the dip in productivity would be temporary and it is also rather necessary.

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