Should Hashtags on LinkedIn be used or not?

A poll was conducted over the last few days by the team of Social Media Today. The subject of the poll was whether users leverage hashtags on their LinkedIn posts or not? The results came out with just fifteen percent disagreeing with the use of hashtags, whereas eighty-five percent accepted the use of hashtags. These results were based on the opinions of three thousand people who took part in this poll.

Nonetheless, the question remains: can using hashtags improve performance, or are they actually beneficial?

Back in 2013, the platform supported the use of hashtags. However, it was not very popular among the users, and LinkedIn removed the option for a few years. Three years later, hashtags have started to resurface again. It seems like now the platform emphasizes the use of hashtags as they act as a connection to bring closely relevant posts to the top.

As a result, LinkedIn users will be able to manage their feeds. Not only the users, but even companies can get themselves linked through certain hashtags.

Social Media Today had a discussion with the platform itself about hashtags. This happened back in 2021. The social network gave some pointers on how to use these hashtags. They added that it is important to use hashtags for key words only and should not be overdone by the user. Before adding hashtags, it is important to first do a thorough search for the respective tag. And lastly, the more specific the tag is, the better the results will be.

These pointers were able to give information on how the tags should be used, but they didn’t specify how the tags actually help.

The social media today added hashtags to their posts as well, but in their case, they couldn’t see a rise in the audience. Upon comparison with the referral traffic number, the audience graph seemed balanced. However, one possibility is that, despite not being able to attract traffic through tags, the user can create new topics through these hashtags.

LinkedIn suggests tags for the posts added on its platform. Tags can also be searched to find out which ones have the most followers. The conclusion of the poll being conducted was that hashtags should be used. However, it is also important to carry out self-research before using one.

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