Over a Billion Users Connect With Businesses Using Meta’s Platforms, Every Week

While Meta has not had a very good first quarter, reporting a lower than expected revenue stream as well as seeing its flagship platform Facebook’s monthly active user count decreasing for the very first time since it was first launched, it is still a major company because it has such a massive user base that it has accumulated over the years. One of the main focuses of this company is to facilitate interactions between people and the businesses that they want to talk to.

According to a report that Meta recently released, each month, around 150 million WhatsApp users use the platform to scroll through catalogues that businesses might have put up. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that if you were to amalgamate the total number of users connecting with businesses using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, that number would be in excess of a billion which shows that Meta is still a very strong company and that it can become an ecommerce giant in the near future.

One thing to note here is that Meta has actually added quite a few features that have resulted in this kind of usage becoming commonplace. For example, they have leveraged their numerous popular platforms to create cross-platform functionality such as when they gave businesses the chance to create click to WhatsApp button on their Instagram profiles. Quite a few businesses use WhatsApp to try and market their wares, and this type of feature can allow users to much more easily get in touch with businesses buy whatever they want to.

WhatsApp has also been made more consumer friendly by allowing users to pick and choose what kinds of messages they want to get from businesses. A user that wants to be updated when an item that they liked is back in stock can now choose to receive such updates. All of these things are making it easier for businesses and consumers to connect with one another, and that might be the road that Meta chooses to go for in order to make up for the losses it is experiencing in other areas.

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