Meta, MetaMates and Me, it is one of the new values of the Meta: CEO letter to the employees

Recently, news came from the Meta office related to a letter which the CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote to his employees. As a young CEO, Mark Zuckerberg knows very well on how to deal with the employees in respect to the favors of the company. The inside report from the Meta office says that the letter consisted of six main values related to the firm. Some are ethical, others are behavioral and some values are for professional lives.

As we all know the giant tech company formerly worked on a motto “Move fast and Break things” but after their reshaping journey they changed their motto to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

However, it seems that the company is going back to their old vision “Move fast” and somewhere “breaking things” is also in the process. Here we are giving you some glimpses of the CEO letter in which emphasize Meta’s new company values.

Working fast but together is the main professional value from the CEO’s letter along with another point stating that the workers should think of the long term impact of any project. The CEO wants his employees to work on projects which will be beneficial for the future and will be a look into the future in this present time as mentioned in his third value. Mark Zuckerberg wants to deliver “extra special” to its users and he asked his employees to deliver more “good” products to loyal users.

In the letter Mark Zuckerberg teaches the ethical value to his employees too. According to the CEO in his fifth point he mentions that a great office environment is where you respect your colleagues. This will not only make the working arena peaceful but a positive one too. Meta wants their employees to be respectful with other coworkers and not indulge in irrelevant conversation. In the last key point “Meta, MetaMates and Me,” the CEO is calling his employees by name of the Meta mates. This terminology while short adds great sounds of energetic and value of oneness and unity.

Mark Zuckerberg ended the letter with these wording, it is not just a written piece of some words, the CEO encourages its employees to be a reflection of these values.

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