Having A Good Web Vital Score Won't Help In Improving Your Indexing

Yes, you have read it right. From now on, your good vital score is of little to no use to you. Your indexing is not going to be solved just by having a good vital core score. During a Google office hour hangout, Google's Search Advocate, John Mueller said that good core vital scores aren't going to improve your indexing. This means that there's no promise that your website's index will appear in google search. Now you don't need any good score to make your website more seen and more impactful.

But keep in mind that Core Web Vitals are just quality scores and not ranking scores. So, if you want to improve your indexing, there is still a huge chance that google will rank only the best of the websites on its page. If your site doesn't meet the Google criteria, your index will be less which means your web will go down on Google's page. Good Web Core Vital Score may help you in enhancing the quality of your website but there's no way it can enhance the ranking too. There are too many steps to take when we talk about website ranking and all the rules are explained by Google.

If you see some pages ranking above yours, it is because of all the website algorithms and ranking criteria they put in their websites. If you are worried about your website going down because of a Good Web Vital Score, just stop worrying about it and think about the ways you can rank your website because the web vital score just determines the quality of the web.

John Mueller couldn't explain all this procedure in words so he opened up a website and started telling all the people about how a Web Core Score is just a formality in the web and the main thing to work on is the things that meet all the google criteria. So just work on making your website the best among others and all is done.

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