Google will be terminating the task-oriented Substitute of Google Plus, Currents for G suite

In a blog post, Google announces that it is sunsetting the Currents and directing users to Spaces, which is Google Chat's equivalent of a share-point site or chats space.

Google has never shown much interest in Currents. On its Workspace Updates page, just 3 blog articles regarding it were published: the first introducing it, the second in 2020 indicating that it had been made readily available, and the last from Thursday stating that it is being halted. According to the Wayback Machine, it was once included on Google's top pages of Workspace-compatible apps but was later deleted somewhere in November 2021.

The Google Workspaces site does have a web address to a Currents webpage in the sidebar, but tapping it brings the users to the Google Chat tab.

When Google closed its failing social network for public use (after a significant security issue was uncovered), it required a method of keeping it there for professional customers, so Currents was developed. Today, Currents appears to be on its trip down and is being substituted by Chats, which appears to be among Google's new fav projects.

Besides that, starting in Q1 2022, the business will begin to remove a couple of features from Currents. Current customers would miss services including Write Up, Tagging, Forum insight, App alerts for both iPhone and Android, and Account Influence, per an updated joint statement provided by the firm.

Customers will no longer have to engage in a "separate, siloed destination," according to Google, who will rather use Chat and Spaces, which will shortly be extensively incorporated into Gmail. By next year, the firm hopes to start making Spaces a more viable successor.

The firm even stated that they will keep the businesses and consumers informed about the transfer timeframe from Currents, as well as deliver instructions about how to transition to Spaces.

It's the 2nd time Google has closed down its Currents service, which was a magazine application preceding the current (ha) incarnation. But for a corporation with a history of dropping contracts, it's a twofold blow.

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