Google Messages has now been added in Samsung smartphones as a default messaging app in the US

Samsung Company has become a partner with Google and pre-installed Google messaging app as default utility in their brand-new sets including Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

So why was it necessary to be done? You might be wondering! So let me tell you the reason by the end of this article. Samsung is always encouraged to use "Samsung messages" for sending SMS and MMS. But due to the increasing concern of the Android users, they have decided to launch the Google messages App in their upcoming mobile sets. Many people might be switching to Rich Communication Services (RCS) as a standard messaging option because the android messaging experience isn’t advanced for the people who want to use virtual messaging technology.

Does the app facilitate the people in a way that people would get to know whether their messages have been read by the receiver or not? And what's more, you can hold the message bubble and react to it as well. You can press thumbs up, or you can laugh or be sad about it. Sounds amazing. Google RCS capability has wonders like, now one can easily see the other person typing, and you can enjoy live conversations too. You can also send photos and larger files via this app. This feature can compete with iMessage and WhatsApp. Other advantages include automated sorting of messages, time password automated deletion, and Google Assistant recommendations. However, this application is specifically pre-installed in Samsung smartphones above UI 3.1 such as in the S22 series.

Even so in Samsung smartphones, the messages feature is installed. However, it is up to users’ choice if they want to use that or replace it with Google messages. In the United States, people are so innocent that they start using whatever is shipped to them and never inquire about other details. They must know that the Google messaging app with RCS is now available as a default in android phones.

The only problem is, it is not end-to-end encrypted. If this is upgraded with full-proof privacy many android phone holders will shift from their default messages feature to Google messages with RCS. So despite its shortcomings, this development is more than welcome.

H/T: 9to5GZachary 'Wiki' Kew-Denniss.

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