Google changed its search engine theme first to grey and now to pitch black

Google has been experiencing the change in its user interface from its inception. It keeps on changing the themes which makes the searches more interesting. Also, the positive feedback from users encourages Google to continue doing what it does.

The dark theme has been in trend for a long time. Many apps and operating systems introduce darker modes to save battery. Not just that, mobile phone companies are launching darker modes to make it look cooler. Other than the coolness factor, the darker theme comes with a lot of benefits including less eye strain, energy/battery saving, and obviously the unique look. The users also liked the uniqueness and started giving positive responses.

Although Android implemented the dark mode functionality in 2019, it wasn't until December 2020 that Google thought of testing the feature in its search theme. The experience progressively extended to additional users before being made available to everyone in gray color theme in September 2021. According to new evidence, Google intends to bring another color for Google search theme and this time it’s even darker i.e. pitch black.

According to 9to5G, Google is trying a darker black color for the search result pages and it seems interesting. This new interface would definitely add beauty as the links will become more visible with the darker blue color. If a user has noticed, the visited links used to turn purple previously, but now the color of these opened links will also turn a bit darker.

As per reports, the change has no effect on the main page. It still has the same light gray colored theme. But only people who have participated in the A/B test can access it. The new theme is not available to the general public, for now the old version is functional.

To access the darker theme, a user has to search for the option. On opening the Google homepage, tap on settings present at the upper right corner then go to Appearance option. In the Appearance option, swipe the button of the dark theme.

However, the dark style might not be the only change for Google Search. Researchers have already seen hints of a new vibrant color palette for image searches. This feature is going to be different from Material You which scrapes the color of the wallpaper. It will directly extract the colors of the image that is currently on display. Google has recently been attempting to enhance experience for users by integrating designs throughout platforms. This darker theme is just an example.

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