Chinese YouTuber Creates One Of The World’s Largest Power Bank With 27 Million mAh

Having a power bank on hand can be relatively useful because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing you to charge up all of your electronic devices without having to worry about them dying before you get the chance to properly use them. The main purpose of a power bank is that it can be rather portable, allowing you to fit them in your pocket and stay on the go for extended periods of time.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that not everyone seems to be focusing on the portability aspect of power banks in general. In fact, a Chinese YouTuber by the name of Handy Geng (手工耿) has actually created one of the biggest powerbank in the world. While it’s not exactly portable unless you have a forklift and a pickup truck, it offers 27 million milliamp hours which makes it a record breaking power bank by that metric.

Geng has clearly made the power bank as a form of content, and it has definitely gotten quite a few laughs from his viewers because of how over the top it is. Geng says that his monstrous power bank is equivalent to around 900 regular sized ones, and it can be used to charge anything from your smartphones and laptops all the way to your household appliances and the sixty or so charging ports that it contains probably help matters along in that regard.

In order to make this comically large power bank, Geng used his car battery and simply created a metal and wood casing for it. That indicates just how simple power banks truly are, and while his model is intentionally humongous for comedic purposes, we may very well start seeing examples that are almost as large as we move towards electric cars and the like all of which would need to be charged rather regularly. Who knows, maybe Geng will be the first one to make a functional power bank that can charge a car, and if he does so it will be revolutionary to say the least.

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