Brands can lose their buyers if they target them inappropriately

When it comes to completely satisfying a buyer, everything matters. From how the items are displayed, the price of those items, as well as the advertisements run for branding.

Out of every factor, the way such brands market is the most important one. A recent study on emotional shopping experiences carried out by YouGov PLC, shows that out of all the participants, forty-nine percent of them agreed to be marketed imprecisely by a brand within a 180-day time period.

As a result of such actions, eighty-eight percent of them took measures against their brands. 42 percent of them unsubscribed from receiving future content updates from the brand, while 24 percent blocked the brand's social media page and 22% of them said that they would never buy anything from them again.

The study further added that the most common issue being faced by users was getting targeted with a product they had just bought. Forty-three percent of them had the same complaint. Twenty-eight percent of them were targeted with items that were inappropriate for their age. Lastly, 28% of them thought the items were associated with the opposite gender.

Over twenty-two percent of the United States consumers were targeted with such items. Some of them even tried to notify the brand by giving their feedback on such actions.

Upon further dissection, it was seen that fifty-seven percent of the users were into this experience of buying products online. However, it all depends on what item they are looking forward to purchasing.

Out of all the fifty-seven percent of respondents who agreed to be embedded with online experience, forty-seven percent found clothing items to do the trick, whereas food items were second on the list with thirty-eight percent support.

Only 9% of parents said that they would use their online shopping experience to buy gifts for their children. Online Shopping for wedding gifts, on the other hand, was supported by only 2% of respondents.

The survey showed that the real emotional journey begins after the product has been purchased. While over 60% were satisfied with proper shipping and delivery, fifty-seven percent, on the other hand, decided to use another brand which offers free shipping.

The survey consisted of 1185 buyers belonging to the United States. These buyers were shortlisted for purchasing items through online shopping between January 13th and 14th of the ongoing year.

H/T: MediaPost.

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