Apple's battle with the Dutch antitrust regulator on dating app revenues is still going on

Netherland’s competition regulator has been raising up the fine that was due on Apple for not obeying to antitrust judgment linked to the payment of technology and dating apps.

In today’s news, the corporation again received a fifth fine of €5 million. Now Apple has to pay a total of €25 million of five penalties. A very agitated and frustrated regulator blamed the company for continuously making excuses and creating hurdles instead of providing possible answers.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) stated that they haven’t received any fresh suggestions to tackle the problem till last week. There are no answers as yet to fulfill ACMs criteria. As a result, Apple now has to pay a fifth fine and collective amount of all five penalties which is 25 million euros so far.

The ACM has thoroughly explained to Apple how to clear the requirements but it hasn't responded to any query so far. This kind of attitude is not respectable and Apple should consider this as an issue because the ACMs requirements have been sustained in the court since December 24th. Apple’s illogical solutions are only creating hurdles for dating apps. It would be better if they’d have employed some other payment system.

Without any doubt, Apple holds a strong position in the market and having said that it’s on Apple to take care of the responsibilities of its consumers. Apple must establish appropriate terms for using its facilities. The dominant position won’t allow Apple to behave poorly with other authorities, that’s not what superiority means.

According to a representative for the commission, since the last time when Apple’s recommendations were found unacceptable, till now it hasn't come up with any new solution.

He went on to say that the authorities highly anticipate Apple to cooperate with the order. If they really do not obey, then they have the option of issuing a new order with regular fine payments.

In response to the new penalty, Apple was requested to comment on it but Apple’s quiet behavior is resulting in more and more penalties.

According to the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal, any platform who has been violating rules might have to pay penalties that too around 10 percent of their yearly sales. So, in Apple’s situation, the fine would be €25 billion instead of €25 million.

Still it's evident that authorities will have to face a tough time to force the tech giant to obey the rules. The way Apple is responding reflects that the firm is not willing to pay the fine as it called them unfair. Instead, they have started working against the rules by discovering new ways to gain the same revenue.

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