A Brand’s Trustworthiness Is Now the Most Important Part of The Customer Experience

Crafting a top notch customer experience is crucial if you want your business to turn a profit. Customer retention is the sort of thing that can enable you to generate relatively dependable revenues for the most part, and there are quite a few examples of situations where you can make matters much improved in that regard. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are making an experience that your customers might enjoy after all.

However, according to the recently released X Index Report from Havas CX, it turns out that the single most important factor for a customer’s experience might not have anything to do with the experience itself but rather the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. 46% of the US based consumers that were surveyed during this study that the image that a brand has was a really big part of whether or not they enjoyed their experience being a customer of that brand.

Another aspect of this survey that might turn a few heads is the prevalence of emotions during the average consumer’s decision making process. 56% of US consumers use criteria that are relatively emotional as opposed to functional when they rate a brand, and what’s more is that only about 40% of consumers appear to feel like their needs are being met by the various brands that they interact with when they are making their desired purchases.

This indicates that brands are not keeping up with the times. These days it’s no longer just about who can make the best product, but rather the ethics of the company in question as well as whether or not it is willing to stand up for the same things that its consumers are currently passionate about. The best performing brand in this context is actually the pet food manufacturer Chewy, which got a 99.1 rating on the index far higher than any other brand was able to manage. Coming in second was Toyota with a rating of 83.2, and most other brands got far lower scores on the index so there is clearly a lot of change that needs to be implemented.

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