20% of Android Users Want to Buy the Latest Samsung Galaxy Phone According to This Survey

While Apple’s control of the overall smartphone market continues to remain more or less unchallenged, Samsung has managed to become the dominant player among smartphones for the most part. Its Galaxy S20 series was widely lauded as being one of the most heavy duty and high end smartphones that were available in the world up until that point, and Samsung is now releasing the third iteration of its new flagship which is going to be called the Samsung S22.

SellCell recently conducted a survey of over 10,000 Android users and it turns out that around 20% of them are planning to buy the latest Galaxy phone. The S22 Ultra is likely going to be the biggest seller in that regard, with 44.4% of the people that plan to upgrade their phone at some point this year saying that they would like to buy that particular model which is by far the most advanced smartphone in the world right now. 30.1% say that the standard Galaxy S22 will be their preferred choice.

This seems to indicate that a pretty large chunk of Android users are willing to pay a premium price for a phone that they believe might just be worth it. Quite a few of the Android users that plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 are actually planning to trade in their Galaxy S21 for it, something that shows just how much brand loyalty Samsung has managed to obtain over the years and its stellar exchange and trade in program often contributes to that to one extent or another.

Around 22.5% of all Android phone trade ins within the two weeks before the report was released while research were being conducted were for Galaxy S21s, more specifically the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Quite a few Samsung users will be buying the latest Galaxy phone immediately after it is launched on the 9th of Feb, and this could do a lot to reduce Apple’s control of the market. Apple’s dominance in America doesn’t seem to be spreading out to other parts of the world as of right now so this is something that will be a factor for them moving forward.

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