Topics is going to replace FloC as Google is coming up with alternative tracking methods

For years, companies and brands were always trying to come up with new ways so that they can gain the attention of people who can become their potential customers. They used many means like marketing, technology and many more. With technology being the most helpful and efficient method for them, they decided to stick to digital advertisements.

FloC was developed by Google which would serve as an alternative to third party cookies. What FloC would do is that it would analyze particular groups and then come up with a number of topics which would be of the same interests of all the people who were in that group. It would provide the advertisers the information and then brands would do their job.

Although the idea seems pretty cool, the company has decided to go against it and has come up with a new plan which might turn out to be better than FloC. Topics would be the new feature that would be replacing FloC.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of Topics, it is pretty similar to what Floc did, but instead of analyzing a particular group, it will be analyzing every individual itself. This means that there would be an API which would observe all of your searches so that it comes up with a list of top searches and history which the user might be interested in.

The API would analyze the top 300 searches from the users search and history bar. Whenever the user visits a new website, the API is programmed in such a way that it analyzes the website and picks up important information from it which it will keep for later.

Whenever the user visits a website that the API recognizes, it will come up with a few suggestions which the user will be interested in. This also works well if you’re a marketer, you will know which user will be interested in your ads. This would help them save their cost and moreover increase their sales.

Google’s sandbox lead Ben Galbraith said in a press briefing that, “Topic is going to replace our FloC proposal and I just want to say that this is what we wanted. We wanted to create a system which would involve the community and would show them that their feedback matters a lot to us. We analyze all of our feedback and then we move on to the whole designing process. This whole system is what we had envisioned for sandbox and it feels good to see that it's finally happening”.

The company is soon going to launch its trial version so that they can get the response from users and then decide whether they want to implement this new proposal or not.

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